How and why the c0vid scam started and developed (video)

This is part of a discussion I had in Timișoara with Lucian Vâlsan from the Freedom Alternative network (link). It was a longer discussion in which the main topic was the Romanian Revolution of 1989 (linc). I extracted from that discussion the part concerning the Wuhan Flu and my opinion about it, opinion which I uphold in my book „Covid, the lie of the century” (available only in Romanian language). As a person born and educated in a Communist regime (Romania was communist untill 1989) I believe I can understand the logic of the Chinese Communist Party, therefore my empathy (which is not same as simpathy) for the leadership of China. I added some explanatory footages regarding some events that occured before and during the so called covid pandemic, for a better understanding.

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Problema C0vid, explicată pentru toți (video)

Cu Lucian Vâlsan de la „Freedom Alternative” (linc) am avut în 12 ianuarie 2021 o discuție despre c0vid. O prezint și cititorilor acestui blog. Am adăugat la filmarea făcută de Lucian cîteva minute de filmări explicative.

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